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Secure Computing Magazine Said -

"SnapBack Live! is our other Recommended product, which again convinced us that it may provide that little bit of extra appeal from the administrator's point of view."

Up and running in 3 minutes !

Isn't it crazy to know that you have a current backup but it's going to take you nearly two days to get up and running again? SnapBack backups can be restored by a total novice in just a few minutes.

SnapBack® Exact is a server-based backup and restore program for Windows servers that features full open file management, remote administration and backup scheduling. It copies an actual byte-by-byte True Image® copy of the server hard drives to tape while the backup is running and files are open and being modified. With TapeDisk you can restore single files as easy as copying files from a CD-Rom and with the simple Disaster Recovery Disk you can be up and running again in minutes.
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Latest News

17th August 2007
A point release of SnapBack Exact has been released - 5.20b. This version fixes a compatibility issue with Windows 2003 Server and is a strongly recommended upgrade. Read the Release Notes

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20th March 2006
A major new version of SnapBack has been released - 5.20a.

It is fully compatible with Windows 2003 as well as XP and 2000.

Read the Release Notes

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