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Want to Sell SnapBack Software? Be a SnapBack Partner!

The market for Disaster Recovery and Backup is exploding. SnapBack is well positioned as an industry leader within this market utilizing its unique and easy-to-use technology. The SnapBack Partner Program is designed to assist VARs, system integrators, and network security solution providers to distribute and support SnapBack solutions to meet the needs of the growing backup market. The program provides the sales backup, technical assistance, and training to fully support the SnapBack product line.

Take advantage of SnapBack's unique technology. By joining the SnapBack Partner Program, you'll have access to all the sales, marketing, and technical assistance you need to successfully sell and support SnapBack Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions.

Apply today to benefit from the SnapBack Partner Program and Partner Discounts.

Why join our Partner Program?

Selling SnapBack's Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions will complement your existing product line with a significant value-added solution that augments your current product sales and creates incremental revenue opportunities.

Add value to each solution you sell. The SnapBack Disaster Recovery and Backup Software is a "Solution" because proper Disaster Recovery and Backup operations require a complete collection of applications to safely, quickly and easily backup, restore and even rebuild a computer system. A "Solution" also indicates that there is a Disaster Recovery and Backup problem that has not been solved - until now! SnapBack solves Disaster Recovery and Backup much better than any other single backup application. SnapBack's unique ability to provide incredibly fast and simple disaster recovery was critical in its acceptance by companies such as US Postal Service, Wrigley's Gum, Ford, EasyJet, FBI, Scarborough Building Society, to name a few. SnapBack offers attractive margins on its products; We provide free sales support materials including, evaluation software, sales CDs, white papers, presentations.

Sales lead support in your geographic area and/or vertical markets.

Training programs including on-site classes, Web-based training materials (coming soon)