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Our Mission

Prevent, Solve, or Mitigate all Hardware, Software and Service Problems, even Design Deficiencies, for all Windows PC Users


...In other words, make the PC work the way you want, automatically!

SnapBack Solves or Prevents Your Technology Problems

SnapBack is a collection of one-click solutions designed to solve your technology problems.Our solutions can be initiated by the user, run when notified, or automatically applied by SnapBack.

Exactly what Problems does SnapBack Solve?

SnapBack adjusts the way Windows PC's work by delivering precisely what's needed to solve, mitigate, or prevent any hardware, software or design deficiency problem.Since we obviously can't solve every problem today, solutions are prioritized by what our users, industry "Experts", and CDP thinks is important today.With a SnapBack App, you can click on any appbutton and change literally anything you can think of… the way an application works… the way Windows or your computer looks or acts… virtually anything!

What is Running on my PC, and Why Should I Keep it Installed?

The SnapBack Apps Platform is currently designed for Windows and houses all of our apps.Unlike other App Store type programs, SnapBack Apps is unique in that you get all of our apps since they are so small, rather than having to individually select ones.This means all our apps are always ready to run, particularly in those moments when an app is absolutely necessary.

CDP has designed SnapBack to only require an extremely small service running, which ensures every byte is signed and certified before the service allows anything to be downloaded.The service is also responsible for ensuring Windows user permissions have allowed that App's appbutton to be executed by the service.The Windows Task Scheduler occasionally wakes up and initiates user-chosen actions, most of which only take a second or two.Today SnapBack's 8 MB installer only takes up ~50 MB of disk space for ALL our apps.

The platform and all the apps are designed to be updated automatically, so that you always have the most recent version. These updates are essential to keep your system and SnapBack 100% safe and effective. Since the SnapBack platform that does all the work runs locally, the apps always run, whether you are online or not.
The occasional updates are just as tiny as our apps, usually less than a few hundred kb.

SnapBack's Key Features

  • All apps are installed with the platform and kept up-to-date automatically.
  • The platform will not impact system resources or performance.
  • Apps run whether or not you are connected to the internet.
  • All apps are certified by CDP and the SnapBack Community experts.
  • The built-in index system makes it quick and easy to find and run ALL your apps. 
  • The Community ensures that SnapBack will never install or make unwanted changes.

CDP Certifies Every Byte of SnapBack to Keep You Safe

SnapBack and all of its apps are certified by Columbia Data Products, Inc. (CDP), who has produced and bundled software into OEMs' products, such as IBM, DELL, HP, and Microsoft for over 30 years. CDP ensures that every app is checked for its safety, security, and efficacy.With CDP's certification, and the Experts looking over CDP's shoulder, you never have to worry about any SnapBack App.

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