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    Plain English Terms & Conditions
    We have tried to make this as simple as possible with organizing the terms in sections below:
    CDP's Commitment to You
    Other Terms & Conditions
    Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual Property and Attribution
    Affiliate and Advertisement Policy
    Privacy and Email Policy
    SnapBack Apps is a project that is wholly owned and controlled by Columbia Data Products, (CDP) CDP is responsible to you for all our policies, procedures, and representations.
    This agreement is between CDP and 'You', as an individual and/or as a representative or employee of a company Expert contributors ensure that CDP's advice and policies are in your best interests.
    If you believe anything needs changing, let us know why. We will make changes or if we disagree, we will likely publish your views along with ours. Unless specifically stated, published opinions are not necessarily CDP's policy or opinion, even if that statement is from a CDP employee.
    CDP's Commitment to You as a User, Contributor, Customer or as a Supplier
    Your interests always come first, not CDP's interests
    A lot of Companies talk about putting you first. We actually believe it and it is part of our Core Values. We believe that the more we give, the more you will be willing to find a way to return the favor and support CDP financially, which helps CDP, you, and your fellow users.  We need your help by letting us know when we've failed to put you first, so everything we do will always be in your best interests, not ours. SnapBack's sole purpose is to save you time, money, and frustration  The better job we do, the more successful SnapBack and CDP will be.
    Why you should trust everything you see on SnapBack Apps, (and what we'd like you to do when you disagree)
    ·         CDP will always present honest opinions, even when that might not be in CDP's best interests
    ·         CDP and our contributor experts will have very strong opinions of what products, settings, or other changes are best for you.
    ·         Our opinions reflect what we honestly believe, which certainly will differ from reality at times.
    ·         CDP will occasionally have a vested interest in recommending a specific product or service.
    ·         CDP will endeavor to clearly disclose these conflicts of interests.
    ·         CDP will still do its best to honestly present all opinions, reasons, and outside links with contrary opinions, including competitor's products.We depend on users like you, as well as creators and publishers of software and hardware to clearly correct these opinions.
    ·         CDP will publish all reasonable opinions, which will prevent you from wasting your time or risking poor choices that are not in your best interests.
    ·         CDP will never knowingly install any 'unwanted' or 'harmful' software, or make any 'undesirable' changes to your system.
    ·         CDP is making the best decisions for users' benefit than we can. However, we need your help when we get it wrong. CDP uses contributor experts, user groups, and its own best judgement. CDP will endeavor to notify all users from within the App, anything potentially detrimental that should be known, even if this only affects a small number of users. In rare severe cases, CDP can reverse whatever that App has done. Just let us know your concerns, and if other experts concur, we will very likely publish your concern in the App or change that App.
    Two important things we need from you to agree to, (in addition to the 'Other Terms and Conditions' below :
    Allow SnapBack Apps to auto-update
    CDP has designed SnapBack Apps to prevent heavy internet use or downloads by helping you control other companies' software and services. But we can't do this without auto-updating our SnapBack Apps platform. We should be downloading less than 10 MB per month to keep SnapBack current every hour. So you should never notice when we do updates to SnapBack itself, (which doesn't include updating others' software, like Windows or Adobe products).
    Subscribe to SnapBack Apps Weekly Notifications with a valid email address.
    Learn how to use our free apps and be made aware of technical and ease of use problems SnapBack can solve for you, usually in one-click.
    Even if you don't subscribe though, we will not disable SnapBack and our software will continue to function.
    Other Terms & Conditions
    Contributions by you to SnapBack or CDP will have joint rights between you and CDP.  While you retain your rights to anything you contribute, by submitting anything to CDP or SnapBack by any means, you are agreeing that anything you contribute, such as ideas, concepts, software, or other intellectual property, you are conveying a perpetual worldwide non-exclusive license and title to CDP, which CDP can choose to use or not, change, modify, or incorporate as CDP sees fit, without any notice to you. You will still retain all other rights to your contributions.
    You agree to hold CDP harmless for any damages, even if CDP knows about it, or has been notified.
    Limitation of Liability CDP will do the best we can to correct any problems, even if it isn't our responsibility. But it wouldn't be fair to other users, if we promised to be monetarily responsible for more than what was paid for by a SnapBack App's user. In fact, we wouldn't offer SnapBack if there was a risk that we had to pay out more than we received. We provide the most value to the most users, by trying to do our best, and when the price of our failure is less than what any one person paid.  You agree that at any time, CDP may change, discontinue, charge or change prices for any or all features, the complete software product or any service at any time without any notice.  While we reserve these rights, our intent is to provide the highest value, and increase our software, services, and features without or at the lowest cost, wherever we can. OTOH, everyone has to eat, so please support us as much as you can, so we increase the value by saving you more time, and without even asking for more money.
    This enables us to make you our first priority as we just discussed, without worrying about rogue users from taking actions, which would jeopardize CDP and our ability to serve everyone fairly.
    CDP's request you to:
    Try to be fair. Give us a chance to correct anything we do that is wrong. We certainly will never agree to be responsible for damages beyond what you've paid. No responsible company should, since that would be harmful to all the other users, and likely be beyond what we could repay, even if we wanted to. Computer software and hardware manufacturers must place limits on what they are legally liable for, since the nature of what we do requires us to make decisions and result in consequences that will not always be safe or in the best interests of all users. The world isn't fair. Get used to it. We will try to be fair and bend over backwards to correct anything we've done, but not at the cost of destroying the company. That would not be in anyone's best interests, especially our users who come first and we must continue to serve.
    Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual Property and Attribution
    CDP will not knowingly enable software that would otherwise not be free, or assist in piracy of any kind.  CDP changes other's software that you use and have licensed as part of our mission. It's difficult at times to tell the difference between changes that enhance the user's experience within a free or already properly licensed product, and enabling a feature that would not be free without paying more. Please notify CDP if we step over the line, and enable something we shouldn't have. OTOH, we do intend to assist users to make legal changes to their software, advise them on how to better use their software, which might include changing configurations, switching to a different vendor, adding other software or plugins, even if not included by the software manufacturer. The rule is, if it is valuable to the user, acceptable and legal for the user to make this change, we will assist and advise the user to do so.  CDP will give credit and attribution whenever it is practical for ideas, concepts, advice, and certainly anything that is republished from other sources.  SnapBack's mission is to solve any problem in any product. The advice will come from thousands of sources, and it will be impossible to correctly use every trademarked word properly, or vet every sentence and paragraph that is written or contributed by our experts. Please accept our apology in advance if we don't always get it right.
    CDP is claiming all right, title, copyright and interest to the collective work in SnapBack Apps.  This does not necessarily mean that every sentence, line of code, or page is claimed as exclusively owned by CDP. Many contributions and software components are included, or contributed by others. These often come with their own individual licenses with their own individual terms. In most all cases, when something is contributed by others, CDP will at the least, grant a license back to the original author.
    We do understand that many of you have an obligation to notify, and correct, any misuse of trademarks or copyrighted material, without potentially damaging your IP. We will do our best to correct anything you see as wrong, while still respecting fair use and common sense. Help us respect your IP rights by being reasonable, which will enable us to do a great job.
    OTOH, if you intend to fully assert your rights, then do it the official way, and notify us at DMCA-Claims@CDP.com with all the details that the law requires. Trust me, you'll get a better result by just talking to us and being reasonable. After 30 years in the software business we've seen just about everything, so we can probably find some way to accommodate anything you'd like if it's reasonable.
    Privacy and Email Policy
    CDP's Privacy Policy
    CDP hopes if you've read our other terms, you understand that your private information will be only used the way you'd like it to be used, and not in CDP's interests. If, at any time, you feel that CDP is not acting in any users' best interests, please let us know. However, like any relationship, we will have some of your information we need to protect.
    What CDP collects (Pertains only to SnapBack Apps, and not the SnapBack Apps Factory)
    IP address when auto-updating Like any internet service, without your IP, updates would be impossible. (Updates to SnapBack are essential for your safety.) IPs, times and dates of access may be kept by CDP or our providers. Cookies are not currently being used, but possibly will be in the future on our website. SnapBack NEVER sends or communicates ANY information back over the internet to anyone, including CDP.
    Email address and your emails sent to CDP
    CDP's intent is to ensure that we save you as much time as possible, and to keep you as safe as possible. To do this, we need to alert you from time to time of significant changes and new risks on your system, your software and hardware, as well as SnapBack Apps. To notify you, we must be able to contact you or your admin through email. This is why we require an email address from you or your organization to use SnapBack Apps.
    CDP agrees to you that CDP will:
    Keep your email address confidential, and not disclose it to others, unless mandated by court order
    Send no more than one email per week, unless our experts deem it urgent
    Send only information that is likely to save you time.
    We will have separate newsletters for special limited audiences.
    Provide easy ability to unsubscribe from any email list from within each email
    Affiliate and Advertisement Policy
    CDP's Affiliate Disclosures and other potential conflicts of interests
    CDP will always put your interests first, by advising you which products, which sources and prices are best at that time, without violating Amazon's terms of service or any other company's policies.
    Since the opinions of the contributors and CDP employees are subjective, CDP will endeavor to publish all relevant opinions on which products are best, why, and the best sources, even if this is not in CDP's best interests.  CDP needs your help in ensuring that we keep the published information as current and as fair as possible, keeping in mind that our secondary responsibility is to monetize products so that we can minimize the costs of both products and SnapBack to users.  CDP is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.  CDP will also participate with other companies, for which it may be compensated through affiliate or other means. CDP will endeavor to notify you when we may be compensated, whenever there is a potential conflict.  CDP will not use AdSense or other advertisements for products or services, and will instead only recommend specific products or services if and when you need them.  SnapBack Apps often knows what you might need before you do, since we are acting as your IT dept.
    CDP believes it wastes your time to show you an ad for anything you don't need at that time.  'Customized Ads' are irritating more often than not.  CDP will only present what you need, when you need it, from the best source, and at the best price.  CDP's value is directly tied to saving you time and frustration, so why would we reduce that value by wasting your time?